Silk #Haiku

bird footprints in snow buds haiku

Mist’s grip
trickles from icicles
time floats away

Birds leave footprints
in this powder puff dream
I pinch myself


You Are Everything


How can I say
I must live without you,
for everywhere I go,
you’re there –
your face,
your stare.

Is there a way
to be without you?
For every shadow of doubt, I see you
in windows,
in mirrors,
in places.

I lost my way
without you,
but now, I‘ve found the path to
each step,
each corner,
each turn.

You had a way
about you,
so of course you’d be there,
to love,
to watch,
to care.

In my smile, there is worry
I have lost you.
I hurriedly search,
but soon
I hear,
I feel,
and I see
you everywhere.

Lilac #Quadrille


Smother my pulse
in timeless grains of sand,
let its broken glass bedeck
my wrists
where stranded pearls, no longer wise,
once worshiped summer’s heroes.
My lilac demise
is well hidden from winter,
long gone without me –
time is all that is left.

*A Quadrille is a verse consisting of 44 words.



A crack in time
created a new dimension.
Soft beams filtered
dancing dust
vying for streams
in which to ride into its daylight –
to settle where it may.
With a silent breath behind it,
particles scattered
and rebuilt layers of humanity –
all to be explored,
none to be conquered.
It had to be foolproof,
it had to work this time.
When the dust kicked up,
the crack would close – time
became darkness –
until we learned.