A wafting mop of spiky red hair
shone under a pyramid of light,
standing there on a soft bed of sawdust
was Lupi with an expression of great delight.
Encircled by the circus’s familiar red ring
encompassing a kaleidoscope of hues,
Lupi balanced on a sea lion’s ball,
which was difficult to do in a clown’s style of shoes.
He jumped down and picked from the ground
Four balls which he threw in the air;
he didn’t pretend he could juggle them
he let them drop and they bounced everywhere.
It raised a roar of pleasing laughter
from all around the vast tent
as he tumbled across to his wagon
and against painted sides he leant.
The wheels collapsed from underneath it
unleashing his collection of tricks –
there were loops and boxes and silver rings –
Lupi picked from it a bunch of sticks,
magically from those he produced flowers
of all delicate shades and kinds,
he offered them to the audience
but with a clown there’s always mischief one finds.
Sure enough the flowers disappeared
but not before water squirted from them
covering the children and mums and dads –
Lupi laughed at creating such mayhem.
Before the crowd leaves he’ll continue to please –
he’ll be chased by a gorilla on a bike,
squirt water at fires that won’t go out, blow horns
and dance – in fact – he’ll do anything you like.