Notes #Daily HaikuChallenge


Water’s streamed fingers
Trickles moonlight’s sonata
Woodland cembalist

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White Noise #Quadrille


quadrille white noise.png

She would play piano keys
on the lake beside the boats
where unusual fish would tap fins
in rhythmic harmony,
smiling rhapsodic.
Bobbing scales fizzing with
sparkling water would reflect
sunshine applause of tinkling drops;
splashes of ivory watercolours
painted a jazzy afternoon.

A Quadrille is a 44 word poem.

Song for a Bluebird

Dedicated to my husband, Jay (Bluejay)

pink tree

walk me to the end
of love, let us be love

fold me where the
seams are stitched

edges brought closer
till there is no end

play until the piano
aches, when drifting sighs

start dancing and crooning
violins stop playing

lift me like a hope
seeking light from dust

hold me with your beauty
like a soul on fire

let me be the risk you take
dance me to the edge

wait with me until the end
of love, let us be love.