Ok, But Listen


Let me start by saying
I’m totally neurotic.
Let me speak and stop you
with a smile.
Let me be the one to say
I’m totally psychotic.
Let me stay a little, just a while.
We can lose our senses
and lose some perception
or we can always just sit and smile.
Will you stay, even try
to be a little platonic
or will I give up now;
will I just wait a while?
When the heavens burst
I am wintertime
I am icy cold
On a hot summer’s day
I’m the scar in your eyes
All your dismay
And you will remember
It was you who let me in,
took me to your heart
It was you who let me smile
let me make
a bold fresh start
It was you who let me
be all the while –
It’s just the pain
From the freezing rain
Won’t let me inside
With nothing to gain
Just free your mind
From all these refrains
And you will remember
Springtime burst through
the reigns
A lullaby brought new hope
to lessen the strain and dared
your soul
to give up being sane,
but can you,
will you,
do it?
my choice or yours?
To be free again
is my choice not yours
To realise that we
can’t all be set free
It doesn’t make sense
go figure –
It’s raining now
I don’t need you to scold
It’s warm in here
but I need the cold,
and love how much winter time
makes me such a liar –
I can’t stay warm
I need my ice fire –
without you.
So stay safe,
I wish you well,
and if there’s ever a time
when your mind is unwell –
don’t look for me
and all that we had – well,
wouldn’t that be ironic?