The Future Ablaze

Climate Change.jpg

climate change-weather-elephants-writingasitcomes

Heatwaves make us reach
Frost’s fingers plunge into earth
In search of relief

Fire after fire, drought after drought, fires in Antarctica! – Remove the fossils and keep the other fossils underground…  then our young might breathe with ease.   Do your part in your own bubble and fight back.  Just say No!  Stop the plastic tap.  Help stop fossil fuel pollution (acclimatise to find other jobs).  Wake up to tyranny (trade wars and counter productive subsidies).  Enough is enough, all at the expense of our future and global harmony.  Cretins come and go, make this one go!  Deniers are brainwashed zombies… just wake up!

Cold Winds



With hope,
black crows will not swoop
just as the unfair cold hand of fate
is thawing –
frosty fingers like icicles will retract
saber claws to lay impotent
in cold, clear callused pools
where harmless reflections eschew
all morbid notions,
they have no choice.
Without hope, we might grow
contemptuous of frost.