Purring Snow #Haiku


Oh my lonely lap
Winter’s icy breath chased you
Now we both tremble




Cat’s Orb ~ Quadrille

Cat's Orb.jpg

Whilst sprawled
like arching, aching shadows
thrown over us,
we have become static and unresponsive
like cold, unfeeling surfaces
when days become just habit.
We spread like blackened dustsheets
to catch drips of light
that might show
the chaos happening inside this tiny


A quadrille is a 44 word poem.


Hal – More Halloween Countdown Hoo-ha


I had a cat, whose name was carved in hell –
his eyes would scratch sharpest
when evil shone from the two huge black wells
that he’d force me to dip into and promise
him things – things only rarely written in blood –
those things always kept him calm.
I remember he wanted a bird once, and so I got him
one. It was a happy little thing.

I had a cat, he watched the happy bird –
not one word was heard between them
except laughter one evening as twilight
rubbed its nose against my window and shadows
as dark as death evaporated against the walls
just at the moment feathers floated gently
from the cat’s mouth and he was deftly
swallowed whole by the happy bird.