Singularity Markets


Degeneration lines the inside
of a  whirlwind
falling into a cesspool
vortex –
a cesspool of
xenophobia, deflation,
As breakers we can resist
with words and heart and
even with vague utopian criteria,
not as individuals or retreating nations,
but as a whole and at the same level,
to make us a worthy opponent –
a force
to end
contempt for democracy.
Volunteer a voice worth listening to,
find out what it is we are agreeing to –
cut through opacity by piercing the closed
off shuffling of decision makers
and posturing on our behalf –
disrobe the silent decisions
hidden under secrecy’s shrouds –
balance sheets that shield
them from accountability.
Dismember ultra rightwing ideologies
that will rip apart all our festering
wounds – if we collapse it will rise.
Capitalism is colliding with democracy
and a centrifugal force at work
will tear us further apart,
unless we act together.