Dig Deep #domestic abuse #hypocrisy


chalk bones whips blush poem

A little rant and a p-o-e-m in light of increasing domestic abuse numbers (within this Covid period)and ‘legal’ /unrecognised domestic abuse, depending on country, perspective and bribes.  

It is not OK to condone the notion that women exist to be beaten, abused and trodden on.  I cannot stand for this either, so, I won’t.

Bury me deeply
so that the sun can’t find
my heart.
It will not oblige,
if torn from my smouldering flesh;
soothing fractals in the shadows of my skin
glow still with the pearls
of my faith that now runs as sweat down
my beaten face.  My soul, always on fire,
is why your hands are now burning.

Bury me deeply
so that the crows you tame
will not abuse me for all eternity,
 when solace is no longer
a sacred place
and death becomes an arbitrary mulch.

Bury me deeply,
so when your fists rage and pound
against the rise of dank, dark soil,
I will not feel you.
When you scream and shout,
begging for grief and release, since I am not
there to torture, the crows will
gather once again,
but you will watch them shield me.
So, you should bury
me deeply.