Jazz #Haiku



For Haiku Horizons prompt: Tunes. You can find other entries here.

Spine tingling tunes dance
in music book’s inky black
where saxophones play

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Canopy #Poetry Collaboration


This is my contribution to Neha’s (Forgotten Meadows) poetic collaboration “When Dreams Fade Away” Please take time to have a look at other contributions and perhaps join in.  It is open until November 30, 2016.

Serenade me with your smile whist I drown
in unkempt autumn, wondrous and wild. Read to me
from tomes with dusted jackets and aching spines
while sepia images with feathered edges flicker
through my mind as you wrap me in your world.

Cry for me a river but only so I can bathe among
the lilies festooned on its brow; I will soothe the ripples
till you are at peace again, and when you warm
my shivering skin by awakening faded dreams,
will you wrap me in your world?