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Haiku Horizons prompt: Spring.  Other entries.

Often in springtime
Scents of favourite flowers
Push back to winter





Privileged to touch
Rough, wrinkled bodies of logs
Reminds me of life



I once stood amidst the silence
of a shore, tormented, but alone –
till a grasp unknown to me
in the grains of golden sand
made me weep till tighter clasp
relinquished surf and all it owned.
On the horizon I saw such dreams,
all of which I could not keep,
till a grasp unknown to me,
slept through my fingers from the deep.

Dig Deep


Standing alone
on blistering heat; the shore’s,
brittle grains of sand find my flesh,
curled and defiant.
My toes rebel, but I can’t breathe.
Will anguish relinquish my all?

Standing alone,
feet entrenched in this warm soil,
intruders invade this cool, comely surf,
and they find my
grip for dear life.
‘Take me with you, but don’t
ask me to follow.’

Standing alone
the depths engulf me,
doves on water so crazy, made of azure sky,
weighted down
and tugged by my drowning in despair.
Hope is strewn in the sand; heavy, sodden,
dependent only on my resolve… but

Standing alone,
uncaring, cold waves hit me like a tsunami,
and I am lost.  Behind on the beach
lies a carved heart, and words smoothed
by tortuous waters and wind;
an arrow barely visible, sinks
into the same brittle sand and it pierces me.

You Are


(Co written with my then husband to be, Jay Nabonne (2009 ish) 

When I see an attractive woman,
she embodies the best in women
and she becomes you.

You are attraction.

When I see a movie,
lovers kissing and holding hands,
all I can think is you and us.

You are romance

When I look to a future of times shared
and discoveries found together,
I can’t see anyone but you.

You are companionship

When I lie in bed and fantasize,
it’s your face I see
and your body and your sighs.

You are intimacy

When I feel in my heart what I feel for you,
I know there can’t be any other
to take the place of you.

You are love.

And to me, you are

the brushing of my hand against my hair,
I feel your presence interwoven in the strands
because you have been there.

You are the air

when I stop and hear my breath,
I see you as my chest heaves
because you were once there.

You are my heart

when shadows run and fade away,
I glimpse a glance until they return to
see the other part of me.

You are my soul

when light hits my eyes,
and shines on my face between branches
from a nearby place, I see that
you are the moon

when heavy breath whispers
into my ears and makes bristle my longing.
I yearn and I am moved and I sway.

You are the wind

when I can feel soft down against my skin
and see the rougher greys of time embraced by
every other person passing, I see

you are man

when time stops and slows
and its gaps are filled with warmth and
radiated energy, I feel

you are the sun

when I can’t breathe and hope to die,
if only to take you with me forever.
Blood surges through my veins. You

are my life

when I hear laughter and a voice
deep in assured tones and his smile
presses down on her face, I think you
are my smile

when prints imprint and fingers
interlock as if to feed a need
that can never be sated, I feel you

are my hands

when thoughts of us spur me on to try to make
the world a better place.
It’s all because you’ll be there to see it with me.

You are

my inspiration, my love, my heart’s beat.
A time without you would be a sad waste
of living; all this time later, I still love you.

My Green


Picture source; Pixabay

In the serenity of green leaves there is tenderness,
which strives to wrap and bind us

in memories, all whilst blowing in the breeze.
Our imaginings glimmer on soft stems

nurtured by life strewn far and wide; oceanic green
floats around us, and can dance while being thrown

to kingdom come; like the explosion of flamenco’s
wooden sound and its far reaching flamboyance of

grimaces and stoic craftsmanship – all of which try and make nature
tremble under stampeding foot – but nature and its

green, especially that which whispers together,  will always
be the force – there will always be harmony, there will always be green –

despite us.