Sanctuary (55 word fiction)


Taunts in whispers cloak themselves further in their sinister intent. I am in danger of being driven from this perfect place. Maybe I will have to vacate if I allow these voices to crawl all over me. If I lose my mind, I leave my sanctuary – but this apathy? Maybe all is lost anyway.




Moon Goddess (55 Word fiction)

Selene ran to the window to drown out the tormenting screech of bats. Pausing to admire the silver face of the new moon, she caught her head coming back in.

Time passed before she came round


She stumbled to the mirror to investigate the trickling blood. She heard herself scream but saw no reflection.


*Though Selene the moon goddess was never technically a vampire, she is considered by legend to be the mother of all modern vampires, which is why this is considered an ancient vampire name of stature





Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Bane (55 Word Fiction)

In accordance with her last wishes, a ceramic urn

containing one thousand tiny creatures, each with their own agenda,

laced with arsenic and ravenous for their first meal

was polished before leaving the funeral parlour.

There was a knock at the door.

“Package for Mr Bane.”

‘Give it here!”

The slob slammed the door.