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Hi.  Periodically, I will be calling on friends here and the writing community at WordPress for your support and ask that you either simply text BGON64 to 70070(for those here in the UK) and donate a small amount or use my donation button below (any country) to give whatever you can (even your next cuppa) to help us at Cancer Research and Breast Cancer Research.  As a breast cancer survivor, I can sincerely say that your help is more than appreciated.

Cancer Research is not government funded and is responsible for a high percentage of the major breakthroughs we have seen to date.  Without you and me, those breakthroughs will not happen.  So don’t let this being UK based put you off donating. Regardless of your country, your generosity will one day give the gift of life to the world.

The Just Giving page is verification and will also tell you all…

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I just wanted to proudly boast quite an achievement of a dear friend of well over ten years, Dorna from Madasahatter….she stuck at this, come fear, hell and high water, and several muffins later… Well done, friend. Kudos and affection. Please go say hi and ‘like’.


Studious attempt –
Enthusiastic bumpkin
Nabs Kodak moment

Day 365/365 – Morgan’s #DailyHaikuChallenge. Join in and link back to her blog.

What a Wonderous Treat to be posting my final Daily Haiku. I would like to take a moment and say, ‘Thank You,’ to All my followers and passer-bys who have been following through with me on this year-long Poetry Journey. And I look forward to new and other Writing Projects as well here at Madasahatter572 😉

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The Keeper


I am the keeper of lost things,
those intangible imprints of  wasted life,
destined to become the destroyer of goodness
and maker of sadness.
I am the collector of vast hauls and hoards,
since time is thievery and accomplice to cruel
love; both take from me, in swift exchange,
my things for harsh space, only to become
entangled in remnants of incomplete thought,
and ‘til sunken eyes and gestures sweep a vile ground –
where lies all a memory cannot contain.
Don’t blunt me with spells and vain speech,
or artistry, somewhat incomplete – you’re of foul tongue.
So consider that, all of these splattered blanks
make this canvass bare –
wouldn’t thou pain if my picture lay there?


Totally correct…

Deuxiemepeau; Picturing Poetry by Damien B. Donnelly

Day 12: National Poetry Writing Month #NaPoWriMo

IMG_3053We dangle delicacies
(far from looking delicate)
to tempt the beasts
to play ferocious
for our pleasure,
for our entertainment.
We put money
on the beast
who can be more brutal
than the bunch.
We are intrigued
by the beasts
whose nature
we’ve changed,
caught and caged,
who we’ve tempered
and tamed
in our need
to remind ourselves
who is the man and
who is the beast.

We dangle delicacies
(desperately delicately)
on front of animals
so as not look at ourselves
and see the beasts
we’ve become.

All Words and Photographs by Damien B. Donnelly

Audio Version available on SoundCloud:

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