I am taking a long break and hope you all have a lovely summer.  I wish you all well with your writing endeavours, and thank you for your unstinting support.


A Silent Flower ~ Cinquain

A little bit of hope was kept alive in Aleppo where a man tended a garden to give people hope of a future with his plants.  I read an article about him and his son who worked with him.  People would buy plants to plant on roundabouts etc to inspire rebuilding and regeneration. A short time later he was killed near the gardens and his son is alone now.

I have quoted his father’s words and embellished a little.  I urge once more, if ever you can help in these ongoing situations, please do.  The world is our family and we need to help each other more.

I don’t need to go far these days without meeting tragedy head on.  Today we suffered a blow here in the UK, but will carry on as the rest of the world is doing.  Sometimes, we have only to look to someone’s generosity and spirit, despite their tragic existence, to realise we are still very, very lucky.

A Silent Flower

the heart and soul
keep peace within all life –
the essence of the world lies in


Black Friday 1910 – The Suffragettes


For trE’s One line Poem: History

It drizzled that day fogged with somber gloom, which fell on the marchers’ cold stones for blankets wet with the fumes of advancement in industry where none welcomed theirs; inherent equality was trampled to death as sisters of the broken and the downtrodden were maimed or died on the wrought iron sprawl, coated black underneath a bloodied Black Friday brawl.