Observations (Haiku Chain)

Still winds, quiet chimes
Hanging in contemplation
Stir a thoughtless soul

Under cloudless sky
Unpredictable footprints
Scamper to and fro

Angry howling winds
Have no rustling leaves to blow
Crows are forced to fly

Though soft to the touch
She prickles like a bramble
No tender moments

Fall into autumn
Onto a bed of bronzed leaves
Sleep until summer

Hear the cries of spring
Cracking, breaking, thawing ice
Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip

Rust coloured red leaves
Meander briskly below
Before leaving home

Arid pastures spot
Token raindrops pour scorn on
Broken, cracked, dry land

Torrential Monsoon
Festivities are raised high
We dance in water

Blustery, leaf-strewn
When thoughts turn to summer sun
Golden rays, sand dunes

Frozen rain drops cry
Pale sheets catch all their sorrow
Saved from burning fire

Achromatic, shades
Bled dry by sleeping mind’s eye
Shutters closed on life