Declaw the Beast


Egotists declaw the beasts
of their dangerous burdens
– of knife edge, soft pads
trekking hunger with panted
breath hung in arid air, before mercilessly
staining them with the blood of gun shots.
Poachers declaw the beasts
of their precious cargo;
– of motherhood, calves and memories
– of backward superstition’s faux medicine
– of life, their sanctuary and freedom
dripping with the blood of machetes.
Cowards, greed and ignorance aid extinction’s
drizzle with cold calculation and callous evil.
Conveyor belt meals for the wake
of vultures feed the only other winners
in the game; the scourge this anthropocene age.


Stalked by Ego’s Greed #Cinquain

endangered collage

Watch us, silent grass.
See without avarice,
We know you, yet bid you no harm,

Pollution’s Petals #Quadrille


Pour my blood on thick,
slick rivers.
Lay petals on gossamer nets
of human error and folly,
pinned there for all time
on a journey stilled by reckless
acts; all wildlife captured
become ageing slaves in limbo.
We share destiny.
Is this our eternity?

A Quadrille is a 44 word verse.

Destruction #Quadrille

She is faceless
where colours bleed
from Amazonian veins.
Lush, rich, rainbow roots grasp
with gnarled fingers
last gasp branches
flowing in raging hurt.
Canopies echo mistrust,
signalling doom,
and all life flies off,
crawls away,
runs for calm cover,
leaving the
carnage behind.

A Quadrille is a 44 word verse.


Reflecting #DailyHaikuChallenge



Under yellow sky
Elephants search for answers
to mud baked mourning

Day 148/365 – Morgan’s #DailyHaikuChallenge. Join in and link back to her blog

First Glances


The crow envied
the white dove for its serene beauty,  bright white feathers
and  symbolism,
which captured the eye of many followers,
and assumed he must be very happy.

The white dove envied
the robin for his burning heart in cold, harsh times,
for being a beacon of the year and its ruby crest feathers, the glow
of pure generosity,
and assumed he must be very happy.

The robin envied
the peacock for his magnificent presence and glorious
kaleidoscope of beautiful plumage and majestic cloak befitting
of ancient kings and queens,
and assumed he must be very happy.

The peacock envied
them all from inside his birdcage prison; his tail hung down behind him,
limp and lifeless among brown straw, and spoke:
‘be grateful for what you have and do not assume what others have is any better.
Always be happy with who you are.’