Trailing Echoes


Just as the season
howls its might in my face
flush with twilight’s
fine colours, and just as shy
echoes trail
like vine leaves
climbing my stone wall’s
surround of cold comfort,
as if to say farewell,
I think of you.
I oft savour our soft voices,
evaporated since, and remember
a warm breeze as evensong
amid the petiole’s dance steps
tickled by a flickering moon
caught betwixt branches,
as if to say
you were here,
and you think of me.


Author: Anita Lubesh

I write poetry/prose/stories/short stories/verses for children/sketch/and have 6 chapters of a novel sitting there like that half eaten trifle in the fridge or bottle of Jack Daniels because something makes you afraid to eat it or drink... right now.. I am a proud Geordie from England's northern hemisphere and the beautiful city of Newcastle upon Tyne. I live with my lovely husband who came all the way from sunny California just for me, and my favourite animal, Bobble, our dog. I am a member of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth and wish we could all do more, especially today, when such a lot is wrong.

8 thoughts on “Trailing Echoes”

    1. Hi, Lisa. Thank you. I’m glad you got there, though it makes me curious. I am also glad you took the time to leave a comment. I am having issues with WP and finding that the comments I leave in various places don’t transpire…some do. I don’t do a lot due to time etc, but I did read your story ‘Halfway Humans’. I felt you caught these ghosts in a very compassionate and touching lock for us all to see what it is *we* aren’t doing right and how it is *we* feel (or don’t feel or care), and that I wish we could all embrace this issue, everyone of us, and each day…not just walk on by. It was a very nifty subtext to the deep sadness inside the story. It is interesting that wherever you are in the world, the situation is the same – and we call ourselves humane. You are a tremendous writer with a depth and an obvious technical skill to your craft. I just needed to say and would hate to think I am ignoring your efforts. I left my first comment saying I’d be back….and I was but its broken lol.

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  1. It made me incredibly melancholy. It wrung at my heart and made me look at things I had pushed down. Your words in the poem triggered something which is why I love reading your work. Thank you for getting all the way through Halfway Humans. It’s not a pleasant read and is a little confronting, so I appreciate it immensely. Thank you for your kind words especially coming from a writer with such talent. And I know all about not having time, sheesh, I get it and your comment is even more wonderful because of it. ☺️

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