Carved Hearts


Ivory Madonna
abandoned in the dust,
carved from infants’
blood laced tears –
their hacked off faces
seduce the lust.
See the whole world weeping,
carrying the pain,
heading for disaster’s
burden of beast’s and famine
when winter comes again.
Wasted, starving children’s
ghosted sockets cry,
begging us, their saviour,
for manna on the plain.


Author: Anita Lubesh

I write poetry/prose/stories/short stories/verses for children/sketch/and have 6 chapters of a novel sitting there like that half eaten trifle in the fridge or bottle of Jack Daniels because something makes you afraid to eat it or drink... right now.. I am a proud Geordie from England's northern hemisphere and the beautiful city of Newcastle upon Tyne. I live with my lovely husband who came all the way from sunny California just for me, and my favourite animal, Bobble, our dog. I am a member of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth and wish we could all do more, especially today, when such a lot is wrong.

12 thoughts on “Carved Hearts”

  1. Oh, those poor, beautiful creatures. I cannot stand cruelty to animals (or innocent children and people, for that matter). They don’t understand. They just do not understand. They experience fear, bewilderment, and pain, too. 😦

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  2. I read your poem and felt ashamed of myself. I get so caught up in my world, my life. I worry about my children, my family, my pets and so often forget to look outward into the world and the horror that exists there. Thank you for posting. Its an important reminder. As decent, humane people we should not ignore the injustice on the world, whether it involve man or animal. Also, your poem was beautifully written and the accompanying image incredibly powerful.

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    1. Thank you so much. It is fantastic to read such as you wrote in these times we face. Sometimes it is a bit like, ‘are we even seeing this’ and of course we all have priorities, that is only natural, but we also have time somewhere and compassion – we must use them wisely and more often to fight the many atrocities today; most of which are caused by us and it makes the likes of yourself feel this way…which is wrong. But we can help if we look and educate ourselves – that is all I ever strive to do – bring it to the attention of as many as I can. Thank you again for reading and your compassion.


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