Monochrome~ Quadrille

delicate flower.pngPicture: Thank you Paul Militaru.

Much of tender heartache
is held inside firmly clasped
bosoms where cruel thorns
prick the wound, and warm blood
douses a pristine flower
for love to die on its
delicate mantel – so that we are spared,
but ache once more for such beauty.

No Hiding Place #DailyHaikuChallenge


Life tosses wildly
Sheltering from cruel storms
Lightning betrays me

Day 44/365 – Morgan’s #DailyHaikuChallenge.  Join in and link back to her blog

Irony of War ~ Appeal


Not only faced with the brutality of war, this winter sees a harsh reality for many – to be killed by bombing or starvation.  No doubt we have our own special charities and do the best we can, but if you have even a tiny drop to spare, please send it their way.  I was influenced by a massive campaign currently by Unicef asking on behalf of  war weary, starving people and their children this winter.  Hospitals and schools have been under increasing attack (deliberately). More and more civilians and their children are under siege and being used as human shields against the painstaking advancements that are being made; hundreds more are dying each week and thousands are displaced and hungry… add winter to all of that.  I make no apologies for trying and thank you sincerely for reading and, hopefully, for caring and making a donation.

 Winter’s naked bones
suffocate trembling hunger
A war’s wicked salve