Snow Arc

snow fox

Black frigid snow stares
Streaming arctic fountain floes
Fur lines the tundra

Distant voles quiver
Magnetic sense tickles ears
Compass detects mice

Arctic hunter’s bow
January’s polar child
Invisibly spears


Author: Anita Lubesh

I write poetry/prose/stories/short stories/verses for children/sketch/and have 6 chapters of a novel sitting there like that half eaten trifle in the fridge or bottle of Jack Daniels because something makes you afraid to eat it or drink... right now.. I am a proud Geordie from England's northern hemisphere and the beautiful city of Newcastle upon Tyne. I live with my lovely husband who came all the way from sunny California just for me, and my favourite animal, Bobble, our dog. I am a member of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth and wish we could all do more, especially today, when such a lot is wrong.

7 thoughts on “Snow Arc”

    1. They are fascinating. I have just read one theory (unproven) that they have magnetic alignment with the planet and not just sensitive ears (radar) its very scientific how they catch their food, it seems…25ft away and very deep underneath, but they rarely miss. My dog does this in bed …he dives, and I get winded. Pitiful really.

      Thanks for reading, as always.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Such charming Haikus, Anita.

    The second is my favorite…

    Distant voles quiver
    Magnetic sense tickles ears
    Compass detects mice

    Also, while being perfectly honest, all these poems brought to me the memories, joys of The Golden Compass. Such a lively movie and these poems, these words too bring to life such imagines. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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