Hollow Hopes


My dreams have wandered alone and often barefoot. They have walked where I cannot and dared not tread, till now. Awake and fully aware, I have found my centre, where the sand runs between toes and winds stir it up into a deserved frenzy. I stand in a whirlpool of half full and still half empty, except for the brim, which is overflowing.

So, over the top I go and swim naked till I meet the shores of my furthermost hopes and there I dry and bask in the sun, which has come to warm me before a gentle nudge sends me on a great adventure.

Hair stands on end in the form of slender grass atop the sand dunes, and on their brow, crazy furrowed lines of doubt cascade and come to rest in a smile at the breast of a beast; asleep but knowing. Her heart pounds through her chest sending small tremors to the surface that shift the graceful, golden grains of life beating beneath the falling sky of blue. I look behind and she smiles and presses a wisp of finger to her lips.

I retrace my own footprints and refill empty tread with hope, laughter and eagerness and a strong desire to conquer a time scorched by anger, fear and hurt, cooled all the while by my ever watchful sky of blue.


Within a Shell


Wondering out loud,
Turtles notice and nod their dismay,
half crouched in the waters of a time long ago.
We will never know their song.
Streaming sun filters through empty bark,
the grass tickled their nostrils ,when alive.
Murmuring to ourselves,
‘Do we know each other any better?’
Steeped in richer colours, diluted with salt water
the turtles wave and pass us by.

Aqua marine cushions the buoyancy,
of blue sobriety and deft will.
Cooling warmth shocks azure shored notions,
stirring images that ripple to their edge.
Photographic stills, lost to negativity, means
development lies drying on the ocean’s floor.
Streaming sun furiously burrows the flimsy film
breathing deeply itself.
It drowns like everyone else.
Will we ever be any different?
Cascades of falling surf diminish our reprieve,
as the turtles have moved on and said goodbye


In a Word


He hears words tumble then fade,
crash-landing far away from better days.
Alone in there somewhere and out of reach,
Holding his head as words fail to breach,
he removes the rainbow from inside his mind
and dares to look again to see her try –
as her words cry out for more,
but with great surprise –
he watches her disappear.

I shout words, tremble and shake,
You seem so very lost inside their quake,
Shimmering in the mirror, a forsaken voice
Is that really us in there and without the benefit of choice?
Remove the rainbow from behind fake eyes
And me, the pink tattered ribbon of my deep disguise
If only just to see –
that my feet don’t dance anymore,
I dare to look again –
and with no great surprise,
I watch you disappear.


Moon Goddess (55 Word fiction)

Selene ran to the window to drown out the tormenting screech of bats. Pausing to admire the silver face of the new moon, she caught her head coming back in.

Time passed before she came round


She stumbled to the mirror to investigate the trickling blood. She heard herself scream but saw no reflection.


*Though Selene the moon goddess was never technically a vampire, she is considered by legend to be the mother of all modern vampires, which is why this is considered an ancient vampire name of stature